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If you are thinking of starting your own lucrative recharge card printing business, then you need to read this…


On May 2004, the then President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo announced the decision of the Government to ban the importation of recharge cards into Nigeria With effect from 1st January, 2005.

Today people smile to the banks because of the several opportunities that GSM has thrown up.  Though many of these opportunities was reserved for the big players, but today it has trickled down and what used to be exclusively for the big players can now be tapped into by savvy small investors.

Nigerians are making thousands of Naira weekly printing and selling recharge cards.  You too can be part of this money spinning business opportunity by printing and selling recharge cards.  Yes you can make money from this business opportunity no matter your position.

New Secrets OF Making N140,000 Printing GSM Recharge Vouchers Cheaper And Selling Profitably to Over 100 Call Centers In Your Area To Buy From You and Smiling to the Bank!
If you don’t know, there are amazing opportunities right now in the GSM industry considering that over 40million Nigerians struggle to buy GSM products.

Therefore, you can make huge amount of money as a big time investor or as a small scale investor.

Would you like to know how to make more money printing and selling GSM recharge cards?
Do you know that recharge cards are the fast selling products in the country right now?
Do you know you can grab your share from this unlimited income for life?
You have a short time to secure for yourself the greatest business opportunity since the GSM boom.
  You can operate from the comfort of your home anytime of the day
  It is 100% legal as there are no special license or permit required to start printing  recharge cards/vouchers of major GSM network.

Have you ever wanted to go into recharge card business but you are wondering if it will actually be profitable for you.  You just don't want to make mistake, you are afraid you don't know much about the business.

You have thought, if only you could know where to buy recharge card cheaper and sell profitably.  Or how you can buy in bulk and sell to all the retailers in your area and smile to the bank.

I have good news for you, all that dream you can make it come true, if you take advantage of the tips I'm offloading to you here.  The commonest challenges faced by every entrepreneur, even the successful ones is the fear of the unknown and so you are not alone but don't let it stop you from becoming the next GSM millionaire.

Have you observed that all the GSM operators have introduced lower recharge card values in N100, N150, N200, N250, N300, N400 and N500.  Why do you think they all now have these lower recharge vouchers? Remember, N500 was the lowest value in the market before MTN came out with N400.  But now the lowest is N100 and do you believe we could have even N50 value soon.
One thing can only explain the reason for the lower recharge cards, it sells faster.  Operators are experiencing a boom in recharge card consumption since the introduction of lower recharge cards.

The most interesting thing however is that only few people supply these vouchers to retailers.  Imagine if it's only one or two people are supplying all the lower recharge cards in your town, how much profit could he be making in one month?
You may think it's impossible for just one person to be supplying these vouchers when there are many dealers scattered all over the state.

The printing and distributing of voucher pins are the exclusivity of some few GSM operators' dealers.  About 2 per cent of the dealers have this license.  Do you now see why only one person could be making all these money in your state?

Well, I didn't mean to wet your financial appetite and leave you waiting.  You too can be among the few people that can print and distribute these fast selling vouchers in your state.  And you don't have to become a GSM operators licensed dealer that would be a costly process.  You can take advantage of dealers who have the license but don't wish to print themselves.

With their full support and supply of vouchers pins, you are on your way to making N140,000 or more monthly, printing and selling lower recharge vouchers that are hotcakes all over the country whether it's MTN, Zain, Glo, Visafone, MultiLink, ETC, you can print them in any quantity you so wish.

People need to make calls everyday either with their phone or from call centers and this can only be done only through loading the phone with any denomination of recharge cards or voucher from any of the network providers.

The recharge voucher business is filled opportunities at every level depending on one’s financial strength.  Surveys have shown that recharge card is the third selling product after pure water and bread.

Anybody who wants to tap into this opportunity but lacks the financial muscle of the big players, it is now a possibility.


How many GSM call centers are in the streets of Nigeria?
How many people use GSM phones in Nigeria?
How many recharge cards are loaded by both individuals and GSM call centers?

By now you should know where I am heading to.  Whether you believe it or not GSM has become an essential commodity in Nigeria.  So what are you waiting for?

What you need now to start up this lucrative business is the necessary information which I have prepared in my manual.  The manual is so simple that it explains what is required to start up, and most importantly, you will know the companies you will be dealing with.


This Is What You Would Be Benefiting From This Manual:

1. How to print recharge card without using a computer

2. Free recharge card printing software.

3. Would be able to print recharge card of all networks

4. How to start printing recharge with as little as N10,000

5. Companies to sign up with to start printing recharge card.

6. How to set up profitable recharge card business making hundreds of thousands in income.

7. Secrets of recharge card business you must know and what makes recharge card business lucrative.

8. How to print and recharge cards – and fast selling recharge cards that would make you regular profit.

9. Recharge card marketing secrets – and what your competitors in the business may not know that you can apply in your recharge card business.

10. How to make between N140,000 to N250,000 monthly profit.


YES Charles Uadiale! Want This RIGHT NOW!

I'd be crazy to pass on this insane deal to learn everything about  Printing My Own Recharge Card quickly and easily!

I understand that I'll be receiving complete instructions in a step-by-step fashion for a measly one-time investment of just N2,000!


On that basis, here's my investment and I can't wait to start now!


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Pay into any Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) near you with the following account details:

Account Name:Uadiale Charles
Account No: 0033434451

After payment send an email containing  your Teller No, Name, Email address and Recharge Card Pring Manual, TO moneyspillsempire@yahoo.com. You will receive your manual via email within 24 after payment. 


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